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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 15, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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will be fine, i mean, i have to admit, donald trump is entertaining. i have to tell you. >> hillary clinton riffs one on the trial in iowa even giving her best trump impersonation. we'll play that plus your reaction to polls showing her support eroding among women. and developing overnight, at least eight people dead and five others missing after thunderstorms trigger flash floods in utah. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning, it's tuesday, september the 15th, i'm louis burghdorf and one of the biggest rallies of the 2016 presidential campaign donald trump took over the arena where the dallas mavericks play with a crowd of
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15,000. his biggest applause of the night came when he called for an end to illegal immigration. he got a 50-second standing ovation. trump also talked about the attention his opponents are getting and laid out specific terms for how president trump would bring manufacturing jobs back to the united states. >> so, the debate. i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever. no, i hear it. the polls come out, and we're really killing it. we are killing it. so the polls come out and everybody's surging. but trump. they don't want to say i'm surging. i went up to 40% today in new hampshire. you saw that. 40%! ben carson, good guy. i think he's 11 or 12 and they're saying carson, here's the head line, carson surging.
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i said, what about me? where's my name? i'm at 40. where is my name? it's unbelievable. do you know where my name is? they don't know where my name is, either. by the way, can you see in the back? they have the best view. can you see it's really my hair? i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm not taking all of this blood money. not doing it. i'm not doing it. and i feel a little bit awkward and a little stupid. i have guys offering me millions and millions of dollars. you know, when you're in number one place, then the blood suckers come out. the lobbyists. the special interests. the donors. don, we love you. guys i haven't heard from in ten years. i turned down $5 million last week. $5 million. i said i can't take it.
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i go like this, i just close my eyes. it's really sort of not natural to me to turn down money. does that make sense? but i turn it down. because once i know the game. once they give you, you sort of owe them. what would president trump do? president trump. trump, trump, trump. what would president trump do? so i call the head of ford or whatever company, but i call the head of ford, i'd say congratulations, i understand you're building a massive plant in mexico, and you're taking a lot of jobs away from us in michigan and other places. no, i don't like that. i don't like it. i just don't like it. and he'll say, well, mr. president, it's wonderful. wonderful for the economy. oh, great. just great. it's wonderful for whose economy? not for our economy. so what i'd say is the following. i don't want you to do that. and if you do it, you're not going to have any cars coming
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across the border unless you pay a 35% tax. that's it. that's it. no, that's it. and they're going to say, they're going to say to me, mr. president, please, please. now i guarantee you. let's say i make this call at 9:00 in the morning, by 5:00 in the afternoon, i think the deal is done, they move back to the united states. >> turning now to the democratic side and some worries from new polling data for hillary clinton. a "washington post"/abc news poll we first showed you yesterday has clinton down more than 20 points in the democratic field since july. but perhaps the most troubling part, the biggest decline is among women. her support among female democratic voters was at 71% in mid-july and is now at just 42%. yesterday after a women for hillary event in iowa, clinton addressed the erosion. >> i'm not one of those who ever thought that this was going to
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be a straight shot. i've been in and around enough campaigns to know that there's an ebb and flow, polls go up and down, people's attention and decision making changes over time. i feel very confident about where we are in the campaign, and very committed to doing everything i can to make my face as effectively as possible to women and men. and i think that will be successful. >> but clinton's drop in the polls isn't preventing her from striking an adversarial tone on the trail, especially when it comes to republican front-runner donald trump. while in iowa clinton did her best trump impersonation. and later in an interview called his rhetoric destructive. >> i have to admit, donald trump is entertaining. i have to tell you. i really do. i really do find it entertaining. and, you know, i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality, like oh, listen, i don't need to tell you anything.
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when i get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. prosperity will be raining down upon you. we will have the new age. well, i would like to do that. but i don't think that's how a great democracy makes its decisions about who's going to lead us. well, you know, i -- i am watching this with some concern. because, i think a lot of what he has said has been really inflammatory, and destructive. he has not put forth any real policies. he's made a lot of claims. and i think it may reflect on the republican side some of the, you know, pent-up frustration that they have. i'm going to let them deal with however they choose their nominee. >> mm-hmm. >> but, i am certainly, you know, looking forward, if he were the domini, to debating him. >> clinton's top competition, vermont senator bernie sanders spoke in front of two more
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massive crowds yesterday. last night the democratic challenger held a rally in virginia and drew a crowd that the campaign estimated to be over 8,000 people. and earlier in the day he addressed an even larger audience of about 12,000 people at liberty university. the college founded by televangelist jerry falwell. many of them evangelical christians. while there he stressed the need for civil discourse among those who disagree. >> now in my view, and i am say this as somebody whose voice is hoarse because i have given dozens of speeches in the last few months, it is easy to go out and talk to people who agree with you. i was in greensboro, north carolina, just last night. all right. we had 9,000 people out. mostly they agreed with me. tonight, we're going to be in manassas and thousands out and they agree with me. that's not hard to do.
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but not less important for us to try and communicate with those who do not agree with us on every issue. >> now in the mean time "the wall street journal" tallied up the cost of birney sanders proposals so far. the price tag a whopping $18 trillion over a decade. the paper describes it as, quote, the largest peacetime expansion of government in a modern american history. it includes more than $16 trillion for medicare and social security, a trillion for infrastructure, and billions for other programs like free tuition at public colleges, and paid leave. the self-proclaimed democratic socialist plans to pay for it with a tax increase that calls for $6.5 trillion in revenue over a decade. hillary clinton's slip in the polls comes as more headlines are emerging over her private e-mail server. politico is reporting that at least 55 messages now deemed to include classified information passed through commercial e-mail services, like gmail and aol on their way to and from clinton's
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private server. the site goes on to say the government has done little to retrieve or delete copies of the e-mails that still exist on those platforms. when asked about their of for thes to recover classified information from private e-mail services an unnamed state department official said quote, the department is taking appropriate steps. now let's turn overseas to europe where three more countries followed germany's lead yesterday imposing strict border controls to stem the massive flood of migrants. hungary sealed off the main entry point on its border with serbia after nearly 6,000 migrants crossed into the country before noon. a new daily record. nbc's lester holt reports from hungary. >> reporter: these were among the last refugees to make it across. some families even running, making sure they had truly made it inside hungary before the door shut. it came with a show of force. police and soldiers forming a human wall, as a physical gap in the fence itself was closed.
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shutting off the unofficial passage through which we have witnessed thousands of refugees enter hungary unchecked. but no more. disappointment and confusion, as refugees still on the serbian side were directed to walk to an official checkpoint, where some were allowed in. and directed on to buses. refugee advocates are bewildered. >> closing the borders on refugees is wrong. and putting up a fence doesn't solve the refugee problem. >> reporter: earlier thousands of other refugees who had already made it in had walked 100 miles to budapest. eager to catch trains to the austrian border. >> i feel a victory in this moment. >> reporter: the day ozan arrived in hungary, 34 other refugees died at sea on the same route he and his family had taken. all the syrian refugees know about the fate of little alen and the photo 12 days ago that
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made the world pay attention to this crisis. you saw that picture. >> yeah, i saw. >> reporter: why did tu make the journey? >> i feel as if he's my baby. >> reporter: so why did you make this journey? why did you come? >> sir, we are escaping from this. but when i see my, my, my kids, my family, our fate. >> reporter: two of his children became sick on the journey. allowed to rest with their mother inside this aid tent. i am a father, also. i have two children. >> you understand. >> reporter: i understand you. >> you understand. it's very difficult when you see your children suffer something like this in front of your eyes. >> reporter: with a german aid volunteer jeering the troops a makeshift steel barrier was put into place along the railroad track leading into hungary. the question for those already
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here is what barriers lie ahead. what do you want the people in europe to know about you and your family? >> i want them to know that we are human beings. we live in homes. we had homes. somewhere. and that we came not -- we are not happy to be refugees of war. we are obliged to be refugees of war. it's not a matter of choice. we didn't make this choice. >> that was nbc's lester holt reporting. russia appears to be ramping up its military involvement in syria's civil war. pentagon officials now say moscow is sending artillery and battle tanks to syria with the main goal of setting up an air base near a stronghold of embattled syrian president bashar al assad. the development is raising concerns in washington where officials worry the new moves
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are aimed at propping up the syrian regime, which has suffered a series of setbacks after recent advances by the self-proclaimed islamic state. now let's turn to business and wall street where stocks closed lower yesterday as investors remained hesitant to place big bets ahead of the federal reserve's much anticipated policy meeting this week. cnbc's steve sedgwick joins us live from london. steve wall street seems to be in a kind of wait and see mode this week. what can you tell us about that? >> yeah, that's exactly what it is. i mean, for instance yesterday the daup only had 120 point range, one of the smallest ranges we've seen in around about a month. the markets though still under a lot of pressure. all kinds of concerns. the question is, the markets, really don't know what they want in many ways. do they want a rate hike which shows the u.s. economy is strong? that it's growing over 3%? that they've got 5% almost full employment in the u.s.? or do they want the confidence of knowing that the cheap money continues? and is that indecision which is affecting a lot of people.
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seriously the economists don't know what they think is going to happen. it's around about a 50 swlsh 50 split on whether we get a fed hike this time around or whether possibly one at the end of year in december. october seems out of range though because there's no press conference attached to that federal rate decision. but a lot of concern with janet yellen and co will be doing. >> let's turn to apple. those shares seemed kind of immune to yesterday's downward trading trend. what's the reason for their -- >> a lot of people are excited about the new release the iphone 6s is getting a lot of traction in terms of preorders. iphone 6s-plus as well. orders are running three to four week delay in china. when they go on sale on the 25th they think that they're going to beat last year's 10 million figure as well. there's a few new features people are excited about. apple expecting very big sales. >> i'm sure we're going to see lines wrapped around the apple stores all flout the country. cnbc's steve sedgwick, thanks so
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much. still ahead on "way too early" highlights from monday night football. and we now know which celebrity will replace donald trump on "the apprentice." may be the only person with a line more popular than "you're fired." i'll be back with trump's response and a check on weather. how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct
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president sepp blatter is targeted in her case. time now for sports and highlights in a monday night football doubleheader. start with the late game in san francisco the vikings' adrian peterson in his first game back since week one of last season makes little impact for minnesota with only ten carries for just 31 yards. instead it's the lesser known running back on the oth side of the ball who dazzles. carlos hyde led the niners offense with 168 yards on 26 carries, and a pair of touchdowns. helping the 49ers run past the vikings for a 20-3 win. now let's go to atlanta. the falcons with a strong start hosting eagles, jumping out to a 17-point lead by the half. thanks to a pair of touchdowns by matt ryan. julio jones hauling in a pass and earning every bit of that big new contract, making nine catches for 141 yards on the game. atlanta squanders that lead in the second half and gives philly a couple of chances to win in the final minutes. but a missed field goal and then
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a sam bradford interception on the eagles final possession gets atlanta the 26-24 win. now in other nfl news the redskins will be without a major deep threat for the next three to four weeks. espn reports wide receiver desean jackson is strained his hamstring suffered on the first play of the washington second offense series during sunday's 17-10 loss to the dolphins. let's turn to major league baseball to tampa the yankees at bat tied with the rays in the top of the ninth. >> fly ball, left field, deep, going back. still back, turning, looking. see ya! >> the yankees up with a 3-1 shot to left field. new york goes on to win 4-1 gaining half a game on the n.l. east. los angeles, the dodgers, adrian gonzalez trying to make a play on a foul ball. reaching in to the stands along the first baseline, as gonzalez
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makes the catch but also has to fight off the fan who tries to rip the ball out of his glove. look at that. look at that. i've never seen anything like that. of course -- of course the fan's wearing a red sox hat. >> he was at the play ground fighting with his buddies for the brawl. that's all. >> that's right. mike barnacle sitting off set to red sox fans always do that? >> no. just to a-rod. he was a dog when he played for us. i'd take his glove. >> you would have done worse. >> that's an amazing catch. let's turn now to a serious story in weather here. at least eight people were killed and five missing after heavy thunderstorms triggered a flash flood in southern utah. it happened in the small community of hildale on utah's border with arizona. we're told two vehicles carrying 16 people were washed downstream after getting hit by a large wall of water and debris. three people have been rescued so far. we're told women and children are among the deceased and missing.
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now let's bring in bill karins. >> it happened right around 4:00 in the afternoon. this is a small community. about 3,000 people live in hildale just across the border from arizona. right at the base of some mountains. so this is like the topography, and this is actually called water canyon. that's where all the floodwaters that you just saw raged down. the thunderstorm did the worst possible thing. it went from the southern portion where the town was, up the canyon, so all that water just collected in the canyon, and just rushed right down through the town. typically it's a dry area. only about a couple times a year flows like even close to anything like this. and this was, you have about 20 to 30 minutes. here's the radar. any time you see magenta on the radar, that's really intense rain. we're talking about one to two inches in a very short period of time. that happened in the mountainous terrain. went in that canyon and rushed right through the town. that's why those vehicles got slept away. there was a flash flood warning for those areas. if those people were in their cars and didn't have their
2:53 am
phones with them. likely they didn't even hear about it. we could see more showers and storms in the mountainous areas today. hopefully nothing like what we saw yesterday. the other story in the east. i hope you got your nice little taste of fall because it's gone this afternoon. some areas are still in the 40s all the way down to the carolinas this morning. as we go through the next two days, summer returns. 80s and 90s. pretty much from oklahoma to texas. 80s throughout the eastern u.s. 84 today new york city. 87 tomorrow. so, it looks like summer returns quickly, louis, throughout the nation. >> i'll take the warm weather. bill karins, thanks so much. still ahead the entertainment is set for the pope's first-ever visit to the u.s. see which a-list celebrities are set to perform when "way too early" coombs right back. ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
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while donald trump is busy shaking up the republican presidential primary race another celebrity turned politician is taking over as host of "celebrity apprentice," arnold schwarzenegger. the former governor and movie star will begin his new role as ceo of the program next year. yesterday trump responded. >> you know who's going to take the place of trump? arnold! arnold! arnold schwarzenegger. good, right? i think it's a good choice. and he's a friend of mine. and i approve it 100% and i'm with him 100% and i think he's going to do great and will raise a lot of money for charity. i'm still in there because i have a big chunk of it. a lot of people don't know that.
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these are minor details. >> i can't wait for the one-liners that are going to come out of that show. >> you're fired! >> you're fired. but i think arnold's got even better ones. the entertainment is set for pope francis' visit to the ates later this month. the archdiocese of new york says that aretha franklin, andrea bocelli and jennifer hudson will be among those performing in new york and philadelphia. gloria estefan, martin sheen and harry connick jr. are also on the list. mark wahlberg who credited his catholic faith with turning his life around will host the event in philly. comedian jim gaffe igen will also perform. that does it for me on "way too early." stay tuned, morning joe has a lot ahead. verizon now has one simple plan. just pick a size. small, medium, large and extra large. if you need less data, pick small.
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